About Eureka Moment

Hello, and welcome to the archive of Eureka Moments

Here, we offer a collection of our Eureka Moments. If you have any comments or complaints, feel free to contact me via e-mail.

On the right, you can search the site or browse tags and categories.

The site was not powered by WordPress until a few months ago. So when transferring articles here, some of the information was lost – there was a section on where the information is from, or if it was written by us. The contents is eater written by us, or was written as answer to our questions, or we found it somewhere and modified it to fit our experience. Now that we use WordPress, we always link back to the original article (even if we wrote it on other forums).
Before this was all online (very long time ago), it all started as a private KB. Much of the information was removed since then. We hope this doesn’t discourage anyone to visit again in the future.

P.S. If you recognize your texts, send us the original links, so we can refer to them.

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